The statements we are hearing are all over the place. Bacon is the new black. Everything tastes better with Bacon. I don't know what is more surprising about this to me. The fact that a food that is not eaten by 30 percent of the world's population can be so hot or the fact that a food that is strong in flavour, fatty and not at all subtle can be so haute.

The trend has brought the freak on. Bacon Pancakes, Bacon topped doughnuts, Bacon Salts, Bacon Mints, Bacon Cocktail have all circled in the finest soirees and been cultivated by the snobbish noses of the wine swirlers. But the fact is that in the world of Big Bacon, the boom isn't in upscale bacon products that make the rule. The trend remains in the charts from the basic convenience that it brings and the ease with which it gets put together. and in putting bacon where it hasn't been before. Wendy's Baconator — a cheeseburger that includes six strips of bacon between the buns (as well as two kinds of cheese, mayo and more) — was introduced in mid-2007 . They sold 68 million of those 840-calorie burgers in the first eight months they were on the menu. And that lasts while the noses have since been turned up on the porcine beverages.

Bacon is now is sandwiches, around prawns, in salads, in tacos, nachos, burritos, pasta, pizzas, even in soup. Everything can take in a sliver of bacon it seems. And that is both its boon and bane. Bacon is too scrappy a food to ever be taken too seriously by the connoisseurs of gastronomy. Unfairly perhaps, but its sizzle is too strong for the stick. And most foodies might be willing to see this pig run wee wee wee all the way home.