Frangipani is one of the cleanest and most serene looking trees ever. Also known as the pagoda tree and the temple tree for the very same reasons. Originally from Mexico (who would have thought!) I am blessed with one bearing yellow flowers and one bearing pink ones in my garden, just outside my bedroom. Good morning world!
Hard to believe they belong to the oleander family. Plumeria honors the French botanist Charles Plumier. Common names are "melia" in Hawaii, araliya in Sri Lanka, Temple Tree in English, Devva Kanagale in Kannada, Gulachin in Hindi.
Because of the beauty and the fragrance of Frangipani flowers, they are synonymous with leis / garlands made in several Pacific Islands like Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, and so on. It is the national flower of Nicaragua and Lao.
The beauty of these flowers is only on the tree as once cut they don't last more than a couple of hours. But put a potted frangipani in your house and see your drawing look out of a magazine! When the leaves start fading put the pot back outside and bring another one in. Ideal would be to ask Maali Mama (gardener) to make you two pots so you may rotate when required.
Place a meditating Buddha under/next to it for a spa look> Even you will feel relaxed with this combo!