A first generation East African Indian, she describes her life as a mélange of two countries leading to a culinary safari that has journeyed through two continents to bring together the flavors of fresh and simple home made cuisine.

Coming from a family of die-hard foodies, Seema grew up savouring fresh, homemade delicacies. Everything from the traditional Indian punjabi parathas (flat-breads) to the simple and delightful ugali (maize flour cooked to dough-like consistency) and sukuma wikis (green spinach dish) of the Swahili.

Seema, holds close to her heart, happy memories of her late mother Veena Puri, a cookery school instructor and author of "India, The Cuisine Of The Kings" whom she honors for forcing her into the kitchen at a young age to experience the pains and pleasures of the stove top. After graduating in the UK, despite opportunities in the corporate world, Seema followed my heart and joined the family food business – and here her foodie adventures began!

Experience & Events
Cultural diversity and the opportunities to travel have helped Seema refine her palette and break many culinary barriers. After marriage, Seema moved to Mumbai and continued her cookery classes there. After three years in Mumbai, Seema accompanied her husband to Hong Kong where she presently lives. Seema continues to teach with an individual style, as a culinary artist. She writes for several Hong Kong culinary magazines including WOM, Foodie, and more recently, a bi-weekly column on The Budding Gourmet In India. In her writing, Seema tries to bring to the cultural history of a cuisine and how it has been impacted by both marauders and settlers.

Much to her husband's dismay, her obsession with food has become her first love. Seema enjoys travelling where every trip is a new quest for enquiry filled with a burning desire to dissect any recipe that is wholesome and new.

Seema has appeared on national television in India giving a demonstration of her ‘boozy woozy Indian' series and is soon launching a web based food portal along with ayurvedist Reenita Malhotra.


Zanzibar Junk Night
A night out on a Chinese junk in true Zanzibar style. Here's what Ms. Randy J. Prescott of The Hong Kong Years: Asian Adventures had to say: "The chef was Seema Bhatia, one of the Y's cooking teachers; she's of Indian descent, but born and raised in East Africa. We really enjoyed our first Chinese junk trip around the harbor, the food was delicious , the company cheerful and I would definitely do it again."

Indian Bollywood Night
A night of Indian food and dance. You can call it a small journey through culture rich India.

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