Marut, long considered one of Indias leading culinary authorities brings artistry to life in his new offering. Kainoosh is a labryinth of culinary art, age old traditions, creative vision and elegant presentation to its patrons.

Bringing a confluence between the old and the new, the guests at Kainoosh can choose between an A la carte menu that has been constructed with careful thought, and the revival of the age old tradition of serving food – the THALI. In a unique statements of service, the A La Carte portions are smaller than normal portions thus allowing a diner to savour a larger selection. The Thali serves a combination of dishes that the guests can put together themselves – a unique serving tailored to each individual's prefrence.

Kainoosh has a very fine and extensive wine list put together by the sommalier paired with the varied tastes through out the menu .The guest can choose wine or champagne by the glass from an extremely large selection . This would probably be the largest selection in a stand alone all over India.

A private dining room with its exclusive entrance allows for intimate gastronomic evenings with friends and family . Lttle details like personalized menus, table linen and fine china have been taken care of by the highly trained , polite staff. The PDA boasts of its own bar and music selection .

The Kainoosh experience is enhanced by the sheer elegance of the design of the interiors. The ancient cultural sensibilities of various parts of the country find a visual voice here in its strikingly contemporary design. The harmonious balance between the old and the new is ably demonstrated in the wonderful Jali or Latice work . Inspired by the magnificient eddifices of the Taj Mahal and the Fathepur Sikri . The sunlight streaming in through the lattice creates many moods . The colour Palleette is monochromatic with predominant hues of silver grey and creamy whites and in a spectacular contrast : a gold ceiling which envelopes the space in a golden hue . The balmy rays emitted through the hand made hanging lamps create a gentle spectrum of light that projects a warm indian welcome .

To enter Kainoosh is to access a coccoon of sophistication and style. And aptly the interpretation in persian is that of a Coocoon.