The one punch line an entire generation grew up with makes you recall the inimitable refreshing feeling in summers. Over a period of twenty-five years, Rasna has proved to be one of the most desired summer drinks for all. With the onset of summers, Rasna is all set to introduce its 'origin' driven variants of Rasna Fruit Fun with a starting price point of Re 1 for two glasses.

The launch of the new variants is a result of an extensive research carried out by the company to identify flavours that a consumer can easily relate to and connect with. Sticking to the comfort palate of an Indian consumer with flavours like kesar elaichi and shahi gulab rose only makes sense given that every consumer identifies a certain ingredient with a specific region more strongly than others. The verdict was unequivocally in favour of origin driven drinks; Rasna Fruit Fun will now have variants like Nagpur Orange, Alphonso Mango, Shikanji Nimbupani and Chowpatty Kalakhatta.

Much like the tagline, the company hasn't changed its basic price points of Re 1, Rs. 2 and Rs. 10 in over ten years.

Mr.Piruz Khambatta, CMD, Rasna said, “Rasna believes in offering the best products to its customers; products that are enriched with natural taste, more nutritional value and a variety of flavours albeit at very competitive prices. Rasna has always maintained constancy in its pricing strategy and this summer’s Rasna introduces the new refreshing range of flavours at an economical price. We intend to offer convenience and a hassle free experience to our consumer base, which is reflected in the various SKUs that we have been offering. For instance, children and adults can carry the easy-to-use sachets to their schools, playgrounds and workplaces and enjoy the drink, whereas the big pack can be enjoyed at home.”

Rasna has always maintained connect with children and even this time, they have the adorable Avan Khambatta (daughter of Piruz Khambatta), in the newly launched TV commercial to create magic on screen. This new TVC sees Avan traverse through various parts of the world to find the best of fruits that make the new Rasna ‘Fruit Fun’ even more refreshing and enticing at the same time. The company has taken a very innovative approach while developing the TVC to connect with the audiences with the use of ‘neo treatment using popup book animation’. The campaign will continue to use the 'I love you Rasna' tagline, attached with the brand since 1987.The new commercial is already on AIR and has received a magnificent response from the people at large.

About Rasna

Rasna Pvt Ltd is a family-owned ISO 9002 and HACCP Certified Company. Rasna, with a 90% market share is seen as the driver for the ‘concentrated drinks category’. The company has a huge distribution network comprising 35 depots, 2,500 stockists, 1.8 million retail outlets and a sales force of over 700 across the country. Rasna’s products are available in more than 40 countries worldwide. Rasna’s philosophy rests on producing and marketing the best of products and developing long-term relations in the market. Over the last 10 years, Rasna has successfully spread its wings with its Exports Division, offering the extremely successful Soft Drink Concentrates, Instant Drink Powders and Ethnic range of products to the global markets. Rasna has also been awarded with The International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) award and host of other awards and applauses.