In a path-breaking association between Maido Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., (maidoindia) and High Street Phoenix, Mumbai will witness the second year of the ‘Cool

Japan Festival’ featuring the best Japanese brands and an indulgence into the food & culture of Japan. After the initial success of the festival last year,

this season is set to add new surprises, additional brands and much more excitement to the celebrations and can be experienced at the Courtyard at High

Street Phoenix from 15th to 17th March 2013, 12 noon onwards.

Known as the biggest Japanese event of India, ‘Cool Japan Festival’ drew over 60,000 footfalls in its first year and witnessed participation from 29

different Japanese companies during the event. Cool Japan Festival 2013 is supported by the Consulate General of Japan in Mumbai and invites visitors and

patrons across the city for a period of 3 days.

This year, the festivities will be more exciting as the patrons get to participate in exciting activities, shop and also win a free ticket to Japan. The

festival shall host cultural performances including Wadiako drums, Enka performance and Anime fashion shows, music and cosplay.

Moreover, Palladium’s ‘World Food Friday’ shall celebrate the 5th edition of Washoku – the Japanese street food festival which will see Japanese delicacies

like Sushi, Tempura, Okonomiyaki, Yakitori, Curry-Rice and much more, being served in the modern, fast food way. The famous ‘kaiten-sushi’ concept of serving

Sushi on a conveyor belt will also be a part of this unique street food festival which celebrates 4 delightful years in the city.


“ This year we wanted to take Japanese food to the next level and conceptualized Washoku 5 which is a casual Japanese food experience serving Japanese food

that is authentic & affordable at a platform as big as ‘Cool Japan Festival’ 2013”, commented Mr. Anuj Jodhani, Director of maidoindia.

“Japan and India enjoy thousand-year long civilizational exchanges. These were however limited to a small sector of the population. Cool Japan embraces a

complete turnaround of approach appealing to all walks of life. We believe that Cool Japan will stimulate the inherent creativity and energy of our two great

nations and elevate our partnership to a new height” commented Mr. Tsukada Tamaki, Economic Minister, Embassy of Japan in India.

On this occasion, Mr. Rajendra Kalkar, Senior Centre Director, High Street Phoenix said, “High Street Phoenix takes pride in hosting a plethora of

international festivals in the city. The ‘Cool Japan Festival’ acquaints our patrons with the culture of Japan and also gives them a flavor of its unique

diversity. As we believe and rejoice the spirit of ‘A day well spent’ in our mall, this association is bound to reiterate our philosophy and shall spread

such message across the globe.”

 Washoku menu.

 1.       Veg Sushi  @ Rs. 100/- (8pcs)

2.       Non-Veg Sushi @ Rs. 100/- (6pcs)

3.       Assorted Veg Tempura @ Rs. 100/-

4.       Assorted Non-Veg Tempura @ Rs. 100/-

5.       Veg Okonomiyaki Popsicles @ Rs. 100/-

6.       Chicken Teriyaki Skewers @ Rs. 100/-

7.       Veg Japanese Curry Rice @ Rs. 100/-

8.       Chicken Japanese Curry Rice @ Rs. 100/


Event summary:

Venue: High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Dates: 15 – 17 March 2013

Timing: 12pm to 10pm


Video clip on CJF12:


Twitter: @CoolJapanFest




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