Kiki’s Cafe & Deli, a quaint seaside cafe located at Mandwa Jetty by hotelier & caterer Nitin Mongia,  stands at the meeting point of two worlds, where the chaos ends, the tide ebbs and calm serenity begins.

Welcome to Kiki’s Cafe & Deli which is only a 45 minute boat ride away from Mumbai! The eclectic, casual dining cafe overlooking the sparkling blue waters, serves up meals that are designed to indulge the local people, the quick passer-by, the holiday maker and the Alibauger – homeowners who have embraced Alibaug as their weekend home.

The menu offers a versatile mix of dishes, from Artisanal Thin Crust Pizzas with homemade Sundried Tomato to Parmesan Flatbreads , Slow Cooked Malvani King Fish Curry, from a Dabeli Sandwich to a Pulled Chicken Burger, assorted Mezze and Crostini platters, Nitin Mongia and his team at Kiki’s will ensure your culinary needs are well looked after. Kiki’s offers a delightful mix for all tastes, including satisfying the urge for coastal seafood while you’re in “seafood country”.

The signature Freak Shake and Salted Caramel Tarts are two special treats that are absolute must-try’s and something that both hungry kids and adults will enjoy.

The beautiful seaside Café & Deli are also open for Breakfast. The dedicated brekkie menu consists of staples like Masala Omelette with Scrambled Eggs, Baked as well as Fried Eggs, Kejriwal and a variety of pancakes with Maple syrup and Nutella.

​​The space designed by  Krsnaa Mehta masterfully merges the Mumbai and Alibaug life in a refreshing  way with a warm, inviting and quirky space. The use of colour psychology, hanging bi-cycles and tiffin artworks work well together, making Kikis Cafe an inimitable masterpiece in its own right. Table graphics featuring all the aspects of your visit to Alibaug like the Gateway of India, rickshaws and cutting chai along with modern outdoor furniture and vibrant frameworks complete the look.

Kikis Cafe is really the perfect destination for a quick, refreshing weekend getaway when all you need is a boat ride and a relaxed meal! If youre passing though the Mandwa Jetty, on your way to Alibag and other beaches, a stop at Kikis is a must to recharge your batteries. And if youre an Alibaug-er, then what better than takeaways from Kikis to simplify your life during a getaway!

Kiki’s Cafe & Deli, brings its service experience to exclusive events and offers full personalised service catering for intimate functions to larger events. With the the option to customise every menu, high quality service and reasonable pricing, Kiki’s will surely leave your guests and you filled with a taste for more.

Speaking on Kiki’s Cafe & Deli and the food, Nitin Mongia says, “Good food, I believe, extends well beyond the culinary. Since our inception, we have worked towards developing an understanding of our clients’ tastes and have endeavoured to bring fresh, delicious food with streamlined professional services to our customers.”
Kiki’s Cafe & Deli by Nitin Mongia is set to take visitors of Alibaug on a unique culinary journey. A World Champion Yachtsman and Arjuna award winner, he is well known for his passion for good food.

With no academic degree in cooking or prior experience in the gastronomic world, Nitin developed his vast culinary experience with food through experimentation. His love for food and attention to detail are the driving force behind the evolution of his own style, an element which is reflected in the flavours produced by him.

Nitin Mongia also owns and runs two popular villa stays in ALibaug ie Ccaza Commodore and Ccaza Amore which offers Mumbaikars a tranquil haven away from the madness of the city, via a quick boatride and a short car journey. The villas have become a much sought after vacation option on account of their warm, homelike ambience, sprawling expanse and personalised service.

Kiki’s Café & Deli
Mandwa Jetty, Mandwa, Alibaug
Contact No : 8308802680/8308802678
Tmings : 8:00am to 10:00pm
Social Media Handles : kikis_cafe_deli