Is this is a Ranveer Brar recipe App?

Ranveer Brar is much more than a recipe App, here you can not only cook up a storm with the famous chef, but also follow him on his gastronomical tour with his Travel Diaries. Get to know the Man behind the amazingly succulent 'Dorra Kebab'.

How do I sign-up?

You can use your Facebook account to register on the App. You also have an option to register using an email id. Once you register using your email id, the app will prompt you to login again.

If I want to save the recipe for my reference; how do I do that?

You can select the heart below the recipe and add it to your Favourite. You can then access the same via your Profile - My Favourites section

Where are the recipes that I have marked as 'Favourite'? Click on your Profile Pic on the Top right hand corner. All the recipes you have marked as Favourite will be available under 'My Favourite' section.

What is Food Mat?

Food Mat is a fun way to look for specific recipes. Looking for healthy breakfast? Craving for unique street food or longing for Home -made food? Don't worry, just click on the Recipe specific poster and voila - you have unlocked the door to tasty gourmet sustenance.

I am looking for Ranveer Brar's Signature recipes?

From the bottom of the App, click on Recipes, here you will have Ranveer Brar's Signature recipes. Apart from that, you will also find 'Featured Recipes, Trending Recipes, Ranveer Recommends, In Season recipes & much more.

What information is available under 'Diaries'?

'Diaries' follows Ranveer Brar around the world on a unique Gastronomical tour. Ranveer tastes the local food & meet the people who create it with love and care. Join him on this interesting journey & discover the unique cuisines around the world.

How do I get daily updates of Ranveer Brar?

Know more about the man from 'About me' section of the App. Connect with him via Facebook (The system will ask you to login to Facebook if it is not your default sign-in) or check out the amazing photos of recipes every day.

How do I cancel/ stop my Diet Plan?

Go to My Profile, there is option to discontinue the diet plan. You can discontinue anytime. Remember once you discontinue and starts again then your diet plan will start from day 1.

I forgot my password, how will I retrieve it?

Just click on the 'Forgot Password' button below the sign-in page and enter your email id. Your password will be sent to you via email

My issue is not listed here. What do I do?

Send us an email to '' and we will connect with you to resolve your issue

My App is not running smoothly. Who do I contact?

Kindly send us an email and our team will help you in resolving your issue. Our email id is ''.